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project management


the business of medicine

We coordinate departments in medical organisations to introduce new ways of doing business.
We work with highly specialised medicines and emerging technologies - the more complex and cutting edge the better!
We can work in-house, external, full or part time to meet your needs. Services include: advisory board coordination; development of unique business solutions for medical organisations; brand management; product management; product discontinuations; product launches and strategy development.

other industries

We also have experienced staff to provide project and general management expertise in non-medical business environments. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Susan de Waard

Founder, lead consultant




Susan's career bridges the disciplines of medicine and business. She works with medical organisations to develop unique, cross-functional solutions to business challenges. As Managing Director of farmout, she has been responsible for more than 1,500 business transformation and communications projects. She was invited in 2019 by the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence to lecture as part of the inaugural Masters in Pharmaceutical Industry Practice at the University of Queensland.

As well as having medical knowledge, having been Managing Director of farmout medical since 2002, Susan has strong general business management experience to oversee finance, tax, superannuation, insurance, training and human resources, marketing and client relations. She has a strong interest in Corporate Governance and is Company Secretary for three corporations. 

Susan has gained experience beyond medicine in retail, hospitality, insurance, infrastructure, construction and finance organisations.

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